License page

We here at Fraser FX want to create a library of tools and assets that help artists create professional-level work. In order to do that, we need to make sure our products get safely into the hands of our customers, and we can collect payment for future operation of the company and creation of products.

This page includes the licensing agreements for all products purchased or downloaded from the Fraser FX website or any website officially distributing Fraser FX products.



Here's a list of frequently asked questions about our license, condensed to make them easier to understand. This FAQ is not an official license. Read the license below for more detailed information.

Can I use Fraser FX products for commercial visual effects projects?

Yes. We want to empower you to build a career doing what you love. Go wild and tell amazing stories!

Can I use Fraser FX products in my game?

Also yes! Again, go build your life making great art.

Can I give download links for products to other people?

Unfortunately not. In order to keep providing you with the best tools we can offer, we have to be able to collect payments for our products, so you may not give them away. Instead, maybe give them a link to the product page.

Can I make a tutorial using Fraser FX assets?

Of course! We love the spreading of information about creating art. But again, you may not re-distribute any of the products we offer. (And no funny business trying to show the textures on screen, either. Some people think they're being sneaky...)

Do I have to give credit to Fraser FX for anything I create with your products?

Nope. We don't have any requirement for credit, don't worry about it.






Fraser FX products for personal use

Feel free to do whatever within your personal bubble! As long as you're not re-distributing anything, feel free to tear apart and put together our products as you with.


Fraser FX for commercial use

Fraser FX products are made for people who want to make professional work. As such, our products are licensed for many types of commercial creative works. Examples of such works include (but are not limited to):

  • Visual effects for film and television
  • Animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Graphic design

However, not all commercial projects are created equal. Examples of what you may not use Fraser FX products for commercially are:

  • Redistribution of paid products of any kind, in any form
  • Distribution of Fraser FX assets in the form of stock footage

Fraser FX and certain hand-picked vendors alone may give away or sell Fraser FX products. If you're concerned somebody is distributing Fraser FX products without permission, please reference our Authorized Vendors list on this page. Please contact about any found violations of copyright infringement or violation of this license, we'd appreciate it.



For no reason may somebody not licensed (see Authorized Vendors) distribute Fraser FX products to anyone. If you want to share our products with your friends or followers, you may share a link to one of our Vendor's product pages.


Authorized Vendors

Only Vendors listed below are authorized to distribute Fraser FX products. If you find any violators of this policy, we'd appreciate you notifying us at

 Website Name Vendor Name/Username Website
Fraser FX N/A,
Gumroad Christopher Fraser
Blender Market Christopher Fraser
ArtStation Christopher Fraser
ArtStation Digital Shipyard
3DOcean Christopher Fraser