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Pyro Shader (With 3 Animated VDB Explosions)

Pyro Shader (With 3 Animated VDB Explosions)

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Get realistic fire, smoke, and explosions in your Blender renders with the Pyro Shader!

The Pyro Shader for Blender brings you ease and quality when creating fire, smoke, and explosion materials for your renders.

Easily adjust the simple parameters to customize the look! There's no wrong answer, and the Pyro Shader gives you tons of flexibility. Maybe you wanna make magical blue fire! You have the option. Tweak to your heart's desire.


Peak at the 3 OpenVDB explosions you can get with the shader



- Stylish and easy-to-use User Interface
- HD volumetrics
- A physically accurate/realistic fire and smoke model
- Tons of freeform control over how fire and smoke looks, plus unique options like "flames fresnel"


- Instantly add realistic fire, smoke, and explosions to any scene
- Greatly speed up the workflow of creating fire, smoke, and explosions
- With the Pyro Shader you can focus on creating the look you want, instead of getting caught up in the technical details
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