Post-processing in Blender, revolutionized

Post-processing in Blender, revolutionized

Are you ready for something amazing?


How to make your renders cinematic

Compositing--or post-processing--is the stage of digital art where you put your render together with cool effects like glows and lens flares. It's what takes your render from, "This looks good, I guess..." to, "That looks real!" It's an essential part of the process, and you need to be able to take control over it if you want to make the best art possible.



The solution to Blender's compositor clunkiness

It's no secret that Blender has a hard-to-use compositor. It lacks a lot of useful features, and what it does have is hard to use. I mean, have you ever tried adding grain to a comp? Advanced Compositing Nodes was really a mission to fix that for me. It includes some amazing features that I use on a regular basis for my renders--like glows, dispersion, grain, and more. Now, it's available for everyone!


Make cinematic renders

It can be hard to make your renders look great with Blender's current compositing "suite". Advanced Compositing Nodes changes that. Easily craft high-quality shots that look straight out of Hollywood with amazing tools like Anamorphic Streaks, Vignette, and Dispersion. Of course, there are 25 more nodes after those to play around with, so that's just a taste of what you'll get.



Revolutionize your compositing

What are you waiting for? Advanced Compositing Nodes is waiting for you. It's easy to use, super high-quality, and only a few dollars. And trust me when I say, it's really helpful. Just hit the button below to explore the brand-new possibilities that await you!

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