Post-processing in Blender, revolutionized

Post-processing in Blender, revolutionized

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How to make your renders cinematic

Compositing--or post-processing--is the stage of digital art where you put your render together with cool effects like glows and lens flares. It's what takes your render from, "This looks good, I guess..." to, "That looks real!" It's an essential part of the process, and you need to be able to take control over it if you want to make the best art possible.



The solution to Blender's compositor clunkiness

It's no secret that...

An Explosive New Tool for Blender

An Explosive New Tool for Blender

Have you wanted to create high-quality explosions in Blender, but had a hard time dialing in the look? Or maybe you've had trouble making simulations that look realistic? This new tool fixes both of those problems. Read to the end for a SPECIAL BONUS!!!





This bad boy can handle all your smoke and fire needs like it's nothing.

Don't believe me? See it in action:




This new tool is super powerful, while still giving you complete creative control.